3.7V Lithium Polymer Battery LP836172 2P 9000mAh 33.3Wh with PCM and wires

Battery Type: Lithium polymer Battery
Configuration: 1S2P
Part Number: LP836172 2P
Capacity: 9000mAh
Voltage: 3.7V
Wat-Hou Rating: 33.3Wh
Weight: Appr.180g
Protection Circuit(PCM): Yes
Thermistor(NTC): No
Wires: Yes
Dimensions:  16.6 x 61 x 75mm
Connector: https://www.lithium-polymer-battery.net/select-battery-connector

Lithium Polymer Battery LP836172 2P 3.7V 9000mAh 33.3Wh with PCM and wires

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You will see more 9000mAh + lithium polymer batteries on this page. Our 3.7v lithium polymer battery is optional to add a protection circuit module(PCM), cables, thermistor(NTC), and JST/Molex connectors. We provide cheap but perfect 9000mAh lithium polymer batteries for our clients, the lead time is shorter than other suppliers. Generally, we ship the batteries via air shipping, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, saving the time for your project. Before shipment, we test the lithium polymer batteries’ voltage, capacity, and internal resistance, to keep a 100% pass rate.
If you are find a business co-worker on lithium polymer battery, we are the best choice. Some of our lithium polymer batteries are IEC62133 certified, UN38.3 certified, CB, UL1642, UL2054, etc. Contact us via the side contact form, we will provide you with perfect 3.7v lithium polymer batteries.

9Ah 9000mAh + Lithium Polymer Battery Introduction

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