Lithium Polymer Battery 3.7V LP383034 300mAh for Electric Shaver

The electric shaver in the car can be used as a beard in a car or as an emergency hammer and USB charger. When you are attending an important occasion, touch your face and have a messy beard. This is very embarrassing, I believe everyone has encountered such a thing, this electric shaver can allow you to save lives in an emergency, but also to keep handsome in an important moment.

In-Car electric shaver is smaller than most electric shaver on the market, equipped with high volume 300mAh rechargeable battery.

Equipped with high volume 300mAh rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery, In-Car Electric Shaver can provide 90 minutes shaving time with one charge.

Lithium Polymer battery can be applied to electric shaver and can provide longer use.

Shave before dating

5 minutes shave for the meeting

Break window in emergency situation

Fast charge cell phone in your car

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