3200mAh Lithium Polymer Batteries LP18650A For Instant Light

LIthium polymer battery application

The Worlds Most Efficient Manually-Powered Light: it generates instant renewable light & power, simply with the pull of a cord! instant power, anytime, anywhere.
Prepare for that power-cut, brighten up your BBQ, gramp in the garden, power up your phone, tidy the tent, sort out the shed……
This light built in 3200mAh Lithium Polymer Batteries LP18650A, provides over 60 minutes of light or charges 1 smartphone.


Instant Light Power your life, Anytime, Anywhere

The instant light provide clean, safe and affordable power for people who without access to electricity, eliminating the need for kerosene lamps. This light using efficient biomechanics and the latest lithium polymer batteries technology, just pull the cord, you will get the light, 1 minute pulling 60 minutes light. Its portable and multi functional, you can power your devices from its USB port, also you can use the solar panel to charge the instant light.

Design for impact

After continuous exploration, we finally find the answer, its gravity-light. This light is clean and safe and cheap, it totally replace kerosene, light the whole world!

The instant light provides a portable home-system of light and power for off-grid families.

  • Independent of the weather – generate power whatever the weather!
  • Built-in 3200mAh lithium polymer batteries provide more than 60 hours of light
  • Up to 160 lumens
  • Charging for phone – charging 2 feature phones or 1 smartphone from full battery
  • Save for money – instant light will pays for itself within 5 months of replacing kerosene lamps

How it work?

  1. The instant light with power display, 5 brightness lever and live power display. Click the button to cycle through 5 brightness setting from 10 lumen to 160 lumen.
  2. Simply pull the cord, you will get the light. 1 minute pulling generates 1 hour of light!
  3. 3W solar panel full charge the instant light just need 5 hours.

Pull the cord to turn on the light, keep pulling to charge.

Plug the instant light in your phone or other devices, you will get a fast charge.

Plug your SatLight into the instant light, take it where you need it.

With a USB port, you can use the instant in anywhere.

Charge your light with the 3W solar panel, just 5 hours.

Inside the Tech

3200mAh Lithium Batteries LP18650A informations

Battery TypeLithium Battery
Part NumberLP18650A
State of Charge< 30 %
Internal Impedance<200mΩ
Charging temperature Range-0℃ to +45℃
Discharging temperature Range-20℃ to +60℃
Storage temperature Range-20℃ to +45℃

Life Expectance(typical)

No.of cycles(>70% on Cmin)


LP18650 Series Lithium Polymer Battery

LP18650D 2P3.7440019*37*70
LP18650C 2P3.7520019*37*70
LP18650B 2P3.7560019*37*70
LP18650P 2P3.7600019*37*70
LP18650A 2P3.7640019*37*70
LP18650S 2P3.7670019*37*70
LP18650A+ 2P3.7700019*37*70
LP18650D 3P3.7660019*56*70
LP18650C 3P3.7780019*56*70
LP18650B 3P3.7840019*56*70
LP18650P 3P3.7900019*56*70
LP18650A 3P3.7960019*56*70
LP18650S 3P3.71005019*56*70
LP18650A+ 3P3.71050019*56*70
LP18650D 2S7.4220019*37*70
LP18650C 2S7.4260019*37*70
LP18650B 2S7.4280019*37*70
LP18650P 2S7.4300019*37*70
LP18650A 2S7.4320019*37*70
LP18650S 2S7.4335019*37*70
LP18650A+ 2S7.4350019*37*70
LP18650D 3S11.1220019*56*70
LP18650C 3S11.1260019*56*70
LP18650B 3S11.1280019*56*70
LP18650P 3S11.1300019*56*70
LP18650A 3S11.1320019*56*70
LP18650S 3S11.1335019*56*70
LP18650A+ 3S11.1350019*56*70
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