Lithium-ion Battery LP26650C 3S 10.8V 4000mAh

LP26650C 3S 4000mAh HY-2P

Battery Type: Lithium-ion Battery
Configuration: 3S1P
Part Number: LP26650C
Dimensions:  51.2mm x 52.5mm x 68mm
Capacity: 4000mAh
Voltage: 10.8V
Wat-Hou Rating: 43.2Wh
Weight: Appr. 205g
Protection Circuit(PCM): Yes
Thermistor(NTC): No
Wires: No
Connector type: HY-2P connector
Connector link:

26650 Lithium-ion Battery Advantages

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery 26650 is a type of rechargeable battery commonly used in electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, and electric vehicles. 26650 lithium-ion batteries are known for their high energy density, long cycle life, and low self-discharge rates.

26650 Lithium-ion batteries work by storing and releasing energy through the movement of lithium ions between two electrodes, which are typically made of lithium cobalt oxide (positive electrode) and graphite (negative electrode). When the battery is charged, Lithium-ions move from the positive electrode to the negative electrode, where they are stored. When the battery is discharged, the ions move back to the positive electrode, releasing energy in the process.

One advantage of 26650 Lithium-ion batteries is that they do not suffer from the “memory effect” that plagued older rechargeable batteries. This means that they can be recharged at any time without having to fully discharge them first. However, 26650 lithium-ion batteries can be sensitive to high temperatures and can degrade over time, which can reduce their overall lifespan.

Overall, 26650 Lithium-ion batteries have become increasingly popular due to their high performance, low self-discharge rates, and relatively long lifespan.

Hard Shell Lithium-ion Battery LP26650C 3S 10.8V 4000mAh

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Lithium-ion Battery Related Applications

Hard Shell Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery

ModelVoltage(V)Capacity(mAh)Cell Size(mm)
LP18650D 3S11.1220018*54*65
LP18650D 3P3.7660018*54*65
LP18650D 2S7.4220018*36*65
LP18650D 2P3.7440018*36*65
LP18650C 3S11.1260018*54*65
LP18650C 3P3.7780018*54*65
LP18650C 2S7.4260018*36*65
LP18650C 2P3.7520018*36*65
LP18650B 3S11.1280018*54*65
LP18650B 3P3.7840018*54*65
LP18650B 2S7.4280018*36*65
LP18650B 2P3.7560018*36*65
LP18650A 3S11.1320018*54*65
LP18650A 3P3.7960018*54*65
LP18650A 2S7.4320018*36*65
LP18650A 2P3.7640018*36*65
LP18650S 3S11.1335018*54*65
LP18650S 3P3.71005018*54*65
LP18650S 2S7.4335018*36*65
LP18650S 2P3.7670018*36*65
LP18650A+ 3S11.1350018*54*65
LP18650A+ 3P3.71050018*54*65
LP18650A+ 2S7.4350018*36*65
LP18650A+ 2P3.7700018*36*65