Micro Li-ion Battery LPM1454 3.6V 90mAh

LPM1254 65mAh Micro Li-ion Battery

Battery Type: Steel Shell Micro Li-ion Battery
Configuration: 1S1P
Part Number: LPM1454
Dimensions:  14mm(D) x 5.4mm(T)
Capacity: 90mAh
Voltage: 3.6V
Wat-Hou Rating: 0.324Wh
Weight: Appr. 2.5g
Protection Circuit(PCM): Optional
Thermistor(NTC): Optional
Wires: Optional
Connector type: Optional
Connector link: https://www.lithium-polymer-battery.net/select-battery-connector

Rechargeable Steel Shell Micro Li-ion Battery LPM1454 3.6V 90mAh

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Micro Li-ion Battery Key Features and Advantages

A steel shell button micro li-ion battery, also known as a steel shell coin cell battery, is a type of lithium battery that is commonly used in small electronic devices. It is characterized by its compact size, cylindrical shape, and a steel shell that provides structural integrity and protection for the battery components. Steel shell button micro lithium-ion batteries offer a compact design, high energy density, and long shelf life. Their stable voltage output and wide operating temperature range make them suitable for a range of electronic devices. LiPol Battery Co., Ltd, as a leading manufacturer of steel shell button micro li-ion batteries, provides reliable and high-quality battery solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Visit our website to explore our range of products and find the perfect battery for your applications.

Steel Shell Micro Li-ion Battery Key Features and Advantages:

Compact Design: Steel shell button li-ion batteries are designed to be small and lightweight, making them ideal for applications where space is limited.

High Energy Density: Despite their small size, these batteries offer a high energy density, allowing them to deliver a significant amount of power for their size.

Long Shelf Life: Steel shell micro li-ion batteries have a relatively long shelf life compared to other battery types. They can retain their charge for extended periods, making them suitable for devices that are not frequently used.

Wide Operating Temperature Range: These batteries can typically operate in a wide range of temperatures, allowing them to function effectively in various environments.

Stable Voltage Output: Steel shell button micro li-ion batteries provide a stable voltage output throughout their discharge cycle, ensuring consistent performance of the devices they power.

Round Steel Shell Micro Li-ion Battery Models

Round Steel Shell Micro Li-ion Battery List

All of our micro li-ion batteries can add a protection circuit module and wires and connector, except LPM0840. Buy samples to tests, contact us for more information.

Part NumberCapacityDiameterThicknessVoltageInternal ResistanceWeight

Applications of Steel Shell Button Micro Li-ion Battery

Wearable Technology: They are commonly used in fitness trackers, smartwatches, and other wearable devices due to their compact size and long battery life.

Medical Devices: These batteries are utilized in medical devices such as hearing aids, glucose monitors, and remote patient monitoring systems, where reliability and longevity are critical.

Key Fobs and Remote Controls: Steel shell button li-ion batteries power key fobs, remote controls, and other small electronic devices that require a reliable power source.

Electronic Toys: They are employed in small electronic toys and gadgets, providing the necessary power for their operation.

Backup Power: Steel shell button li-ion batteries are often used as backup power sources in memory backup systems, real-time clocks, and other devices that require uninterrupted power supply during power outages.

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