NEW Lithium Polymer Battery List 2019

We provide more than 5000 models of Lithium Polymer batteries, range from 0.4mm-13mm, 8mAh-10000mAh+. Moreover, we also offer to customize batteries service, any capacity, and any shapes. These new lithium polymer battery lists were manufactured in 2019.

Our Lithium Polymer battery equipped with PCM and 50mm wires, if you need we also can add JST/Molex/Hirose connectors for free. Select Lithium Polymer battery for your prototype and device now!

And quickly respond within 24 hours, LiPoL provides you with the perfect battery solution!

5000+ Hot Batteries Models

Mount Connectors/PCM/NTC/Leads. Higher Quality, >500 Longer Cycles Life.

Grate Full Service

Accept Small Orders & Great warranty service. Custom Service: Shape/dimensions/Capacity.

Fast Global Delivery

5-7days Lead Time & 24hours Full Quotes. Rigorous Test,Charge 60% before shipping.

Select Suitable 3.7V Lithium Polymer Battery For Evaluate from New List-2019

We collect more than 5000 models of Lithium Polymer Batteries to Evaluate & Prototype. The thickness from 0.4mm to 14.0mm, and capacity from 8mAh to 10000mAh+. You can select a suitable one to test within 5-7days of short lead time. But the excellent performance of our 3.7V lithium polymer battery is the key to our customers choice. For example:

Compact shape, High Density Capacity Lithium Polymer Battery

The Lithium Polymer Battery can stock 4 times high density capacity within more compact, thinner, lightweight shape compared with NiCd cells. Also our lithium polymer battery can keep 80% capacity after more than cycling 500times discharging/charging. It can work longer time for your electronic product, durable and efficient.

Reasonable Tolerance including Swell Space

Our Lithium Polymer Batteries have designed reasonable tolerance around ±0.3mm to ±1.0mm. You can select a best lithium polymer battery to fit your mechanical constraints perfectly. Most important, the swell space of lithium polymer battery also is controlled within the range of tolerance. It can protect the absolute safety of lithium polymer battery from cracking of the shells or even explosion.

Safe with Japan Ic & Mos, Run a Longer Time

All lithium polymer battery have been enhanced safety by Japan IC & Mos protectors, also assemble PCM(protection circuit) for short-circuit, overcharge/over-discharge and temperature. So that the capacity of lithium polymer batteries will be not destroy and can run well (3-5years) with your device.

Great Personable Custom Service

It is available that trimming the length of leads wires and mounting NTC thermistor/ connectors(JST/ Molex) on lithium polymer battery as requested.

Short Lead time to Help You Lock Design Product

To shorter lead time and reduce the cost, you can get samples and small order for evaluate in 5-7days. It can help you finalize your prototype timely. Also, well rigorous test all lithium polymer battery before shipping.

Best Seller 3.7V Lithium Polymer Battery

Lithium-ion Battery LP18650A+ 3S2P 11.1V 7000mAh

Lithium-ion Battery LP18650A+ 3S2P 11.1V 7000mAh

Lithium-ion Battery LP18650A+ 3S2P 11.1V 7000mAhBattery Type: Lithium polymer BatteryConfiguration: 3S2PPart Number: LP18650A+ 3S2PDimensions:  38 x 56 x 70mmCapacity: 7000mAhVoltage: 11.1VWat-Hou Rating: 77.7WhWeight: Appr. 280gProtection Circuit(PCM):...

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3.7V Lithium Polymer Battery Applications

400mAh Lithium Polymer Battery for AI Voice Recorder

400mAh Lithium Polymer Battery for AI Voice Recorder

400mAh Lithium Polymer Battery for AI Voice RecorderLithium Polymer Battery 400mAh for AI Voice Recorder Introducing the world's first AI voice recorder, powered by ChatGPT! This innovative device comes equipped with a built-in 400mAh lithium polymer battery, allowing...

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