UN38.3 IEC62133 Certified Lithium Polymer Battery LP906090 3.7V 6000mAh 22.2Wh with PCM Wires Connector

UN38.3 IEC62133 Certified Lithium Polymer Battery LP906090 3.7V 6000mAh 22.2Wh with PCM Wires Connector

Battery Type: Lithium polymer Battery
Configuration: 1S1P
Part Number: LP906090
Cell Dimensions:  9 x 60 x 90mm
Capacity: 6000mAh
Voltage: 3.7V
Wat-Hou Rating: 22.2Wh
Weight: Appr. 120g
Protection Circuit(PCM): Yes
Thermistor(NTC): No
Wires: Yes
Connector type: Yes
Connector link: https://www.lithium-polymer-battery.net/select-battery-connector

UN38.3 Certified IEC62133 Certified Lithium Polymer Battery LP906090 3.7V 6000mAh 22.2Wh with PCM Wires Connector

The LP906090 is 6000mAh 3.7V 37Wh lithium polymer battery, is among our popular rechargeable 6Ah models. Buy some samples for evaluation, to build your prototype. Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) for stocked Lithium Polymer batteries is just 5 pieces, which is particularly advantageous for small and new companies. Many of our Lithium polymer batteries hold certifications such as CB, IEC62133, UN38.3, RoHS, MSDS, UL1642, and UL2054. Additionally, we offer assistance in obtaining these certifications for your new battery designs. We offer both off-the-shelf 6000mAh Lithium polymer batteries and a tailored lithium polymer battery customization service. Share your requirements with us, and we’ll craft the perfect rechargeable Lithium polymer battery solution for you.

Established in 2002, LiPol Battery Co., Ltd located in Shenzhen, China, has emerged as a frontrunner in the design and manufacturing of lithium polymer battery cells and packs. At LIPOL, our dedicated team has consistently concentrated on delivering superior lithium polymer battery solutions to our global clientele.

Our lithium polymer batteries stand out due to their high energy density and low self-discharge rates. We pride ourselves on maintaining a substantial inventory that caters to a diverse range of needs – from sample orders and small-scale purchases to large-scale mass production. Our extensive selection of batteries, encompassing various models, sizes, and capacities, comprises one of the most comprehensive lists available on the Internet.

We understand the dynamic nature of market demands and, therefore, offer flexibility in our order quantities. When in stock, we accept small orders for our 6000mAh lithium polymer batteries. For out-of-stock items, we efficiently handle mass production orders with a turnaround time of 6-7 weeks.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to our shipping practices. We ensure safe and rapid global delivery through renowned carriers like DHL, UPS, and FedEx. Furthermore, we specialize in bespoke services, tailoring batteries to your specific dimensions and requirements, thus providing solutions that perfectly align with your unique needs.

For the latest information on our battery stock and pricing, we invite you to get in touch with us. Experience the synergy of quality, versatility, and service with LIPOL Battery Co., Ltd, your trusted partner in lithium polymer battery solutions.

UN38.3 Certified IEC62133 Certified Lithium Polymer Battery LP906090 3.7V 6000mAh 22.2Wh

Our lithium polymer batteries is not only varied in terms of capacity and size, but also stands out for its compliance with multiple international safety and quality standards. We are proud to offer a 6000mAh LP906090 lithium polymer battery that has successfully completed a comprehensive set of certifications, including IEC62133 and UN38.3. These certifications demonstrate our commitment to providing products that meet the highest standards of safety, performance, and environmental responsibility.

Our 6000mAh LP906090 lithium polymer battery have passed altitude simulation, thermal, vibration, and shock tests for safe worldwide shipping with UN38.3 certification.

Our 6000mAh LP906090 lithium polymer battery have been tested for safety under various conditions to ensure their stability in everyday use, meeting IEC62133 standards.

Choosing our certified Lithium Polymer Batteries means opting for products that are not only efficient and high-performing but also align with global safety and environmental standards. For businesses looking to certify other batteries, our expert services offer a comprehensive solution, simplifying the path to certification and market readiness. Trust us to empower your batteries/products with the highest standards of safety, quality, and compliance.

Rechargeable 6000mAh+ Lithium Polymer Battery Introduction

3.7V 6000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery List

LP1049926000 mAh9249103.7V
LP1055736000 mAh7355103.7V
LP1160756000 mAh7560113.7V
LP5567976000 mAh97675.53.7V
LP55701256000 mAh125705.53.7V
LP60551486000 mAh148556.53.7V
LP60681166000 mAh116686.03.7V
LP80631006000 mAh100638.03.7V
LP8164886000 mAh88648.13.7V
LP8465866000 mAh86658.43.7V
LP85421366000 mAh136428.53.7V
LP9060906000 mAh90609.03.7V
LP9456866000 mAh86569.43.7V
LP9652926000 mAh92529.63.7V
LP9668716000 mAh71689.63.7V
LP9868706000 mAh70689.83.7V
LP45731256000 mAh125734.53.7V
LP68681206000 mAh120686.83.7V
LP70661506000 mAh150667.03.7V
LP72491356000 mAh135497.23.7V
LP76591566000 mAh156597.63.7V
LP76651326000 mAh132657.63.7V
LP80601006000 mAh100608.03.7V
LP84651326000 mAh132658.43.7V
LP88651326000 mAh132658.83.7V
LP90421246000 mAh124429.03.7V
LP95411156000 mAh115419.53.7V
LP281341376000 mAh1371342.83.7V
LP1060706000 mAh7060103.7V
LP1247706000 mAh7047123.7V
LP30921406000 mAh1409233.7V
LP69551086000 mAh108556.93.7V
LP7057946000 mAh945773.7V
LP7267756000 mAh75677.23.7V
LP7555886000 mAh88557.53.7V
LP8856936000 mAh93568.83.7V
LP8960906000 mAh90608.93.7V
LP9060906000 mAh906093.7V
LP69491356050 mAh135496.93.7V
LP39771286200 mAh128773.93.7V
LP1261696200 mAh6961123.7V
LP7262786200 mAh78627.23.7V
LP8060956200 mAh956083.7V
LP1155906300 mAh9055113.7V
LP67711116300 mAh111716.73.7V
LP72491356300 mAh135497.23.7V
LP45721356300 mAh135724.53.7V
LP46721336300 mAh133724.63.7V
LP46721356300 mAh135724.63.7V
LP60621036300 mAh1036263.7V
LP45721366320 mAh136724.53.7V
LP1053786400 mAh7853103.7V
LP80651326500 mAh132658.03.7V
LP88511176500 mAh117518.83.7V
LP92471706500 mAh170479.23.7V
LP1263656500 mAh6563123.7V
LP7561956500 mAh95617.53.7V
LP8761796500 mAh79618.73.7V
LP1060906500 mAh9060103.7V
LP9056786600 mAh785693.7V
LP9056806600 mAh805693.7V
LP9860776700 mAh77609.83.7V
LP1060806800 mAh8060103.7V
LP85481166800 mAh116488.53.7V
LP85511166800 mAh116518.53.7V
LP11371056900 mAh10537113.7V

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How to order lithium polymer batteries?

1. Send your Requirements
Find us through the sidebar contact form, send us your requirements for the lipo battery, such as dimensions(thickness x width x length), voltage, capacity, max working current, protection circuit module(PCM), wires request, thermistor(NTC), connector type, etc. We will recommend the best suitable rechargeable lithium polymer battery for you.
2. Quotation
When we receive your inquiries, we will reply to you within 12 hours. We mainly communicate by email.
3. Order Process
When you are ready to place lithium polymer battery orders with us, we will confirm the battery models, quantities, prices, and other details, and send you an invoice for payment. We accept PayPal payments, credit cards payment, and bank transfer payments. Then, we will arrange your order. The lead time depends on specific orders.
4. Shipment
When we finish the lithium polymer batteries, we will ship them via DHL/UPS/FedEx air shipping, it is safe and fast. And, we will send the tracking number to you when we get it.
5. Warranty
Our warranty for the lithium polymer battery is one year after the sale. (Refund or resend batteries)
Range of warranty: There is low voltage, expansion, or leakage with the correct use of the lithium polymer battery in the warranty period.