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Lithium Polymer Battery Quality Control

We are committed to providing customers with high quality battery, from material selection to production, strict control of each production process.

Materials of Lithium Polymer Battery: The graphite, pure water & lithium cobalt oxide we purchase from quality material suppliers are put into a vacuum high-speed stirring machine more than 12 hours to ensure that the density of the entire cylinder of raw materials.

Select connectors

Lithium polmery Battery is manufacturer of Lithium Polymer cells, our cells can also assembled with connectors.The connectors we use are mainly from three famous brand Molex”, JST and Hirose. You can browse the following page to select the connectors you want.

We provide batteries with connector, there are many connectors for you choose from.

Precaution Of Lithium Polymer Battery

If the customer needs other applications or the operating conditions are beyond the scope of this document, please contact us in advance .
In this case, you may need to add experiments to verify performance and security.
We will not be liable for any use of batteries under the other conditions described in this document. We will inform customers in writing that improvements, if any, regarding the proper use and handling of batteries are deemed necessary.

Common problems & analysis of lithium polymer battery pack

When you use lithium polymer battery, you may meet many problems, such Why doesn’t the Lithium Polymer Battery Pack Be Recharged? Why is the Lithium Polymer Battery Pack at Lower Voltage? Why does Lithium Polymer Battery Pack Leaks and Catches Fire?……

You can find all answers in our website. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

IEC62133-2:2017 Certification for Lithium Polymer Batteries

IEC62133-2:2017 is the most important standard for exporting lithium polymer batteries, including those used in IT Equipment, tools, laboratory, household and medical equipment.

LiPol Battery Co., Ltd is the industry leader in manufacturing lithium polymer batteries. We can help our customer to apply IEC62133-2:2012 test report, IEC62133-2:2017 test report and IEC62133 certifications. More informations please contant us.

Lithium Polymer Battery UN38.3 Certificate

Almost all lipoly batteries need to pass Article 38.3 of the UNITED NATIONS to ensure the safety of lipoly batteries during the transportation of dangerous goods. Manual and Criteria ST/SG/AC. 10/11/Rev.6, 38.3/Amendment 1

Our company LiPol Battery Co. can help customers to apply the UN38.3 test report. Each test takes one month after then you will get an official UN38.3 test report published by the third-party testing house (BCTC).

Lithium Polymer Battery MSDS(Material Safety Date Sheet)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of LiPoly Battery is the battery manufacturer showing the chemistry characters. It’s a document that may pose a hazard to the user’s health such as carcinogenic, teratogenic, etc.

Full Lithium Polymer Battery Specifications

INFORMATIONS:  Dimensions, Discharge/Charge Rate, Ambient Conditions, Assmble




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