Micro Lithium Polymer Battery 3.6V

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Micro Lithium Polymer Battery 3.6V (Button Cells)

3.6V lithium polymer battery for smartphones and tablets

Small round micro lithium polymer batteries, suitable for small devices applications, such as earphones, medical, GPS, and smartwatches, these batteries have 3.6v voltage and compact size, the size diameter from 8mm to 16mm, thickness from 4mm to 5.4mm, and capacity from 18mAh to 120mAh. Get newly rechargeable micro 3.6v lithium polymer batteries for your prototype

3.6V Micro Lithium Battery Models

Higher Energy Density 3.6V lithium polymer battery

The high power consumption of mobile devices means that high energy density and compact size are more important than any other feature. This means that shortening the service life is an acceptable compromise; since the average consumer changes their earbuds every two years, service life is not a significant requirement.

why pursue 3.6V lithium polymer battery rather than just higher capacities?

Therefore, we have conducted some research and found that there are new developments in 3.6V lithium polymer battery technology that can be used at lower voltages for 3.6V lithium polymer batteries for earphone / mobile devices and hobbyist / RC applications. Correctly, silicon graphene additives are used in the anode to prevent corrosion, so that they can be charged to 4.20V.

Safety 3.6V micro lithium polymer battery

New 3.6V lithium polymer batteries, meet your special requirements for the lower voltage. It is safe for these 3.6v micro lithium polymer batteries, they widely used for earbuds and small devices. Contact us to get more information, welcome to your inquires.

3.6V lithium polymer battery with long working time

If you are designing a new device or prototype, you can find some micro lithium polymer batteries here with different diameters and thicknesses but high capacities. Also, our micro lithium polymer battery with low internal resistance and longer battery life. We can add a protection circuit module(PCM) and cables for these micro lithium polymer batteries.

Micro Lithium Polymer Battery 3.6V List

Our micro round shape lithium polymer battery can be ordered as a single cell. Also, it can be ordered battery pack to increase voltage or capacity. Except for LPM0840 3.6V 18mAh, all other batteries can add a protection circuit module(PCM) and wires. Contact us to get more information.

Part NumberCapacityDiameterThicknessVoltageInternal ResistanceWeight