Lithium Polymer Battyer

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Creative Lithium Polymer Battery

We have enough experience on making these novel lithium polymer batteries and keep the good performance of capacity, working voltage and safety. A custom battery solution is also available.

Provide Best Novel Lithium Polymer Battery for Your Special Shape

Newest Lithium Polymer Battery shape | Newest design for medical devices | First Building prototype | Good experience with new Novel Lithium Polymer Battery | Best performance | 3.7V or 3.8V | Reply to your inquiries and data sheets in a few hours

We produce specially shaped lithium polymer batteries for our customers. They are not round, square or cylindrical. This is a big problem for general tools. We must create new and customized tools to accommodate new lithium polymer batteries such as C-type and trapezoidal. To meet the higher capacity of these applications, these high-tech applications have shown good performance.

Provide Best Novel Lithium Polymer Battery for Your Special Shape

Battery type: Novel LiPo Battery

Part number: LPN702649
Dimension: 7 x 26 x 49mm
Radian A: Radii 17 +/- 2mm
Radian B: Radii 10 +/- 2mm
Voltage & Capacity: 3.8V & 570mAh
Protection circuit: Yes
Wires: 50mm +/- 2mm

Battery type: C Shape Lithium Polymer Battery

Part number: LPN473422
Dimension: 4.7 x 34 x 22mm
Radian: Radii 17.32 +/- 2mm
Voltage & Capacity:3.7V & 190mAh
Protection circuit: Yes
Wires: No

Battery type: C Shape Lithium Polymer Battery

Part number: LPN282421
Dimension: 2.8 x 24 x 21mm
Radian: Radii 17.75mm
Voltage & Capacity: 3.7V& 32mAh
Protection circuit: No
Wires: No

Battery type: Novel Lithium Polymer Battery

Part number: LPN402220
Dimension: 4.0 x 22 x 20mm
Voltage & Capacity: 3.7V & 120mAh
Protection circuit: Yes
Wires: 16 +/- 2.0mm

Applications of Lithium Polymer Battery

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